To run the Blender CrowdSim3D add-on you need:

  • Blender 2.79
  • An official Blender 64 bit platform
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Linux
  • We advice at least 32/64 GB of internal memory. Rendering large crowds using Cycles needs a lot of memory.


Blender versions

CrowdSim3D does not work with older versions of Blender. It is possible to use Blender 2.79 for the CrowdSim3D add-on and load the final animation in older Blender versions.

Download CrowdSim3D

Once you have purchased CrowdSim3D you can download it from

  • Go to the website
  • Login with your Blender-ID.
  • Go to the your products section.
  • Here you find the add-on that suits your system.

Install CrowdSim3D

You can extract and import the add-on using Blender:

  • Open Bender.
  • Open the User Preferences.
  • Select Install Add-on from file.
  • Select the downloaded zip file.
  • Select Install Add-on from file again.

Now Blender displays the add-on in the list.

  • From the list of add-ons enable Animation:CrowdSim3D.
  • Also make sure that the System:Blender ID authentication add-on is enabled and configured with the correct credentials.
  • Save the User Settings.
  • Close the User Preferences.


Please be aware to use the same BlenderID when purchasing the CrowdSim3D add-on. When you have not set the BlenderID, you will not be able to perform all functionalities of the add-on.

Your Blender is now ready to use the CrowdSim3D add-on.