Release notes

Here you find the release notes of CrowdSim3D.

Blender CrowdSim3D add-on


Release date: 2018/09/20


  • Option to set the radius of agents. This option is used by the avoid node.

Object Selector

  • The factory input now has an object picker. It used to be a text field.
  • Fixed issue when factory filter was turned on, but no factory was selected. This resulted in selecting all non-agent type of objects, making the system raise an exception when doing populate.

Check Attribute

  • Added option to check the factory of an agent.

Set Attribute Node (new)

  • New node where you can set an internal variable of an agent. Currently it only allows setting a new desired direction and speed of an agent. You can use this together with the advance ground movement node to let agents walk in one direction.


  • Added new avoid algorithms
    • Force based
    • Force based with time to collision

User Preferences

Bug fixes

  • Crash: Avoidance node required a navigation mesh. Without a navigation mesh it crashed
  • Crash: Material variable node where min value is larger than max value
  • Populate Agents populated all populate nodes what was not expected. Now it only populates the populate node where the button was clicked.
  • Added latest version check. The first time the add-on is used it will check with if there are any updated. The check will be performed at most once and it needs the Blender ID authentication add-on to be correctly configured.

0.90 Beta

Release date: 2018/09/10

Check Attribute

  • Added option to test the model and character of the active agent. This makes it possible to add model or character specific logic to the behavior tree.


  • Renamed Object node to Populate node.
  • Populate node can now populate multiple models. Per model a weight can be added for distribution.


  • Renamed the Variance category to Populate.
  • Target property selection was not displayed in the Navigate node.
  • Removed obsolete priority in Action tab.

0.81 Beta

Release date: 2018/09/03


  • Grid distribution is now a blender unit. This ensures a consistency between the distribution modes. Default grid distribution distance is set to 1.1.
  • Quincunx distribution pattern now calculates the distance between the agents better.


  • Every agent now has a Mass. This is used for calculating the impact force in a collision between 2 agents.
  • The object intersection node can now calculate the intersections between an agent and a group of objects. For example to check if 2 agents are colliding. When an intersection has been detected the impact of the collision is calculated.
  • Check attribute: A new node can check internal values of the crowdsim. It can test agent’s speed and collision impact.
  • Removed the dummy Collision Node.
  • Moved the Intersection node to the Collision category.


  • State property nodes did not display the state property selection.


  • Added a failure subtree. This makes it possible to do a if...else... construction with the conditional node. If you load an old file that uses a condition, you need to remove and add the condition again.

0.80 Beta

Release date: 2018/08/27

This is the initial Beta release